Over the years a client’s expectations have changed considerably. We all want to have that amazing hair we see on Instagram or Facebook, but what people don’t know is these are unrealistic goals and 9 out of 10 times edited pictures. When it comes to colour correction it is always a work in process and can not usually be achieved in one salon visit. Everyone in the JP team thrives on a challenge and will do their upmost to fulfill a clients requests. When looking for inspiration photos to create that perfect mood board for your hair appointment coming up please remember these easy points:

  1. Choose unfiltered pictures, this can be achieved by scrolling through the models posts and look for more natural pictures.
  2. Be wise with your choice if they have long layered hair and yours is shoulder length then it will never look like the picture.
  3. Be patient, it WILL be worth the wait to have your hair looking and feel amazing after each process.
  4. Always consider that the majority of these pictures you scroll through are taken in a professional manner with a professional team at hand.

We are always here for free consultations to discuss any questions you might have, one thing we firmly believe in is having that trust and confidence with our clients.

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